What if you could get better at any skill that you wanted to?


We truly believe that people do not need to be stuck where they are in life.

If you follow The Deliberately Better Process, you will find that change and growth are possible and sometimes even easier than you imagined.


The Deliberately Better Process

Step 1: Find an expert. This could be either in person, in a book or on youtube.

Step 2: If the way to get better at what you want to learn has not been clearly specified in videos or writing, ask an expert if they are willing to be asked questions about how they learned their skills either via email, over the phone, or in person.

Step 3: If they say yes, send questions via email or book an appointment in with them over the phone, by video conference or in person.

The sequence is then as follows:

  1. Assessment – identify your baseline with the skill/s you want to improve & the target/s you want to aim for.
  2. Treatment – Have a clear plan that will help you to reach your eventual target and smaller goals to strive towards along the way to help keep you motivated and on the right track.
  3. Monitor – Determine the key variables that you need to track across your treatment so that you can monitor your performance & get personalised feedback & advice on how you are going. This will help you to make any adjustments that are necessary until you have reached your goals.
  4. Evaluate – Have a final assessment or overall evaluation to see how much you have improved in the skill/s you wanted to determine if you have reached or exceeded your initial target/s and goals.

Step 4: Share what you have learned with others. This can be what you found with your personal experiment, how easy or difficult you found the process, what the scientific data suggests, and where people can go if they want to learn more:

  • people they could see or talk to
  • books they could read
  • videos they could watch, and
  • courses they could take

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By sharing your findings, and demystifying the secrets to achieving success, you can inspire others and help them to become deliberately better too.


We look forward to being a part of your journey of personal discovery and growth!


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