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Our Story

We believe that not only is change possible, it is easier than you think.

But for change to happen, people need access to tested knowledge and steadfast support.

We at Deliberately Better are compiling qualified professionals to create courses that can help you build the skills you need. We are new and eager to grow!




Deliberately Better Sleep

Poor sleep quality can negatively impact your physical, mental and even emotional health.

In this course, Dr. Damon Ashworth takes you teaches proven methods that will help you develop good sleep habits.

The Process

Our courses take you through from beginning to end, transferring all the skills you’ll need to make positive and lasting changes to your life.


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Our courses have videos and practical exercises. These courses are backed by research, and they work!

Get Extra Support

If you choose, you can pay to get additional one-on-one support from one of our counselors.


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