Personalised Sleep Advice

“Sometimes having a sleep problem can feel like you are the only one. That you are heading into a dark place with no clear path of where to go”



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Even though your sleep difficulties may feel insurmountable at times, they can improve…

Sleep Review and Repair Packages

What is it?

If you record your sleep using a sleep diary or a fitness tracker or a mobile app and want to know how bad your sleep is and up to five things that you could do to improve it, I can help.

All you need to do is send me two weeks of your sleep data to

I will then assess and provide an individualised report with the following insights:

  • your ideal bed-time
  • your ideal rise time
  • your ideal time in bed prescription
  • an estimate of your sleep quality
  • an estimate of your sleep efficiency
  • The 5 main things that I would recommend for you to try or focus on if you would like to significantly improve your sleep

If you don’t know which sleep diary to use, or you would like to use my favourite sleep diary to track your sleep, you can download it here: The best sleep diary.


For every 2 weeks of sleep data that you send me:

  • subjective data (i.e. sleep diary) = $100
  • objective data (i.e. Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, Garmin, Sleep Cycle etc.) = $100
  • both subjective and objective data (i.e. sleep diary and Fitbit or Garmin or Sleep Cycle etc.)$150
  • two lots of objective data (i.e. Fitbit and Sleep Cycle, or Fitbit and Garmin etc.) = $150

I am also happy to review your professional sleep study (home or hospital-based polysomnography (PSG) or Sleep Profiler) results and give you an individualised report with the same above information for $100.

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If you are a clinician

Whether you are a medical doctor, psychologist, or any other allied health professional, optimising the sleep of your clients is very important for their overall well-being and recovery.

If you would like some extra support with optimising the sleep of your clients, you can also contact me at and send through two-weeks of subjective or objective sleep data from your clients (with their informed consent).

In return, I will provide you with an individualised report on how their sleep is and up to 5 empirically supported strategies for what they can do to improve it.

  • For 1 client sleep report = $100
  • For 2 client sleep reports = $175
  • For 3 client sleep reports = $250
  • For 4 client sleep reports = $325
  • For 5 client sleep reports = $400
  • For 10 client sleep reports = $750

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Will it help?

The amount that a Sleep Review and Repair Package will help is dependent upon a number of things:

  1. The accuracy of your data
  2. How complicated your sleep history is
  3. If you have co-morbidities that are impacting the quality of your sleep

All recommendations will be scientifically supported interventions for insomnia and other sleep disorders and will utilize the eight years of clinical and research experience that I have with helping individuals with insomnia and other sleep conditions.


Disclaimer: The information that I provide in these reports are based on what I have learned as a sleep lab technician and insomnia researcher, not as a Clinical Psychologist. Any communication will, therefore, be limited to information on scientifically supported strategies for sleep and insomnia, not on other psychological concerns. If you pay for this service, I will be a resource to help you to improve your sleep, not your Clinical Psychologist. If you are in need of the extra support that a Clinical Psychologist provides, please see a psychologist in your local area that specializes in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia. 

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