My 8 Easy Guidelines for Improved Sleep

My Sleep Research Being part of an innovative sleep research team was what led me to do my Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at Monash University. Professor Shantha Rajaratnam is a world-leading expert in Chronobiology and has received major grants for his research. His results have been published in excellent journals, and I knew that I wantedContinue reading “My 8 Easy Guidelines for Improved Sleep”

Can You Improve Your Sleep By Going to a Sleep Retreat?

Just the other week I was featured in an article in the Daily Telegraph and the Herald Sun on sleep retreats. It was weird because I had been planning on running some sleep retreats already, but hadn’t yet. Stranger still, I hadn’t told anyone about my idea yet, and it was the first article that I haveContinue reading “Can You Improve Your Sleep By Going to a Sleep Retreat?”

Would Being More Creative Improve Your Sleep?

The twenty-fourth variable that I will be manipulating across a two week period to examine their impact on sleep is creativity. I will see if using mindfulness colouring books, doing jigsaw puzzles or playing on DJ decks can have a substantial effect on sleep quality.  I will discuss what my data shows, how easy orContinue reading “Would Being More Creative Improve Your Sleep?”