The Coastal Retreat

The Winter Sleep Retreat is now taking bookings



Friday the 29th of June to Monday the 2nd of July 2018

Check-in begins at 6:00pm on Friday and Check-out is by 10am on Monday



An exclusive beachside property in St Leonards VIC 3223 (exact address provided upon booking)

  • A 30-minute drive from Geelong CBD
  • A 90-minute drive from Melbourne CBD
  • A 90-minute drive from Melbourne-Tullamarine airport
  • A 50-minute drive from Melbourne-Avalon airport



To see what’s included, please click here

How much does it cost and are there any places left?


At the sleep retreats, Damon will be utilising the key insights from his eight years of researching and treating sleep disorders to:

  • help you to understand your specific reasons why you can’t sleep as well as you’d like to,
  • provide you with the three main things you need to know to improve your sleep,
  • give you a tailored individual plan for the exact steps that you can take to begin to get your sleep back on track,
  • teach you about the latest sleep gadgets, tools and tricks,
  • instruct you on developing or building the skills you need to become a lifelong good-sleeper, and
  • be available to answer any sleep-related question you may have across the duration of the retreat, and provide immediate feedback about your sleep while you are there.

At the sleep retreats, James will be utilising his key Osteopathic insights to:

  • minimise the impact that pain has on your sleep (and your life),
  • educate you about the importance of movement throughout the day,
  • teach you about the importance of posture and its role in fatigue, energy levels and motivation
  • help you to utilise the breath to minimise your stress levels or lower them when needed
  • show you the best positions, pillows and mattresses for your sleep depending on your age, health and body type
  • assess if there is any other Osteopathic treatment that could assist you in getting great quality sleep.

At the sleep retreats, Angelina will be utilising her Creative Therapy skills to:

  • help you to better understand your relationship to sleep.
  • uncover the potential emotional factors that may be negatively impacting your sleep.
  • help you to utilise both non-fiction and fiction writing skills to effectively process your emotions and feel more in control of your sleep.
  • assist you with the development of creative techniques that you can apply on a regular basis to better regulate your emotions, manage your worries and fear, and in general feel more resilient with any life issue that comes your way.


  • Tahnee lends her facilitation, friendly and welcoming nature and people wrangling skills for the retreats.
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